The Absorbent Mind


Dr. Amarnath Rajanahalli Awardee for Inclusive Education from Brindavan Education Trust.

Mrs. Roopa Kiran, the heart and soul of Absorbent Mind, is a visionary in the world of education. With over two decades of dedicated work with children and teachers, she embodies the spirit of Montessori education and inclusive practices.

As a co-trustee for the Indian Institute of Montessori Training and secretary for the Teachers Training Program, Mrs. Roopa Kiran actively shapes the future of education. Her commitment to inclusive education has been unwavering, and her pioneering work has transformed learning for countless children.

A trained Montessorian from IIMS, Mrs. Roopa Kiran has successfully established two preprimary and a primary Montessori school, setting the standard for excellence in education. Her expertise extends to special education, holding a specific learning disability certification from the Brindavan Education Trust and a postgraduate degree in Inclusive Education from Northampton University, UK. Her dissertation focused on primary teacher’s perceptions and understanding of children with specific learning difficulties in regular classrooms.

In her pursuit of staying ahead in the ever-evolving field of education, Mrs Roopa Kiran has also completed a Cognitive behavioural therapy course from Jagruthi, ensuring she remains at the forefront of meeting the diverse needs of today’s children. Her passion, dedication, and commitment to nurturing young minds and supporting teachers make her an exceptional leader in the field of education.