The Absorbent Mind


Shreya Kiran - Branch Head

Shreya Kiran, the dedicated Branch Head of Absorbent Mind’s Banashankari Campus, brings a unique perspective to Montessori education. With a degree in BBA-HEM from PES University and experience in event management, she applies her organizational skills to create an exceptional learning environment. In addition, she has a background in sports, having achieved the title of a national champion swimmer. Her dedication and discipline from her athletic pursuits translate into her approach to education. Shreya’s academic achievements, including receiving the “Professor C N R Rao Merit Scholarship,” reflect her commitment to excellence. Inspired by her mother’s passion for children’s education, she shares the vision of spreading the Montessori philosophy. As a district-level throwball player and talented baker, Shreya’s diverse interests enrich her interactions with the children. With her leadership and dedication, she plays a vital role in shaping the future of Absorbent Mind’s students.

Pallavi. N - Versatile Facilitator

Pallavi, an integral part of the Absorbent Mind family for 1.8 years, plays a vital role as a Montessori mentor. She joined us during our early days, becoming one of the first teachers employed by the school when it was just starting. Pallavi’s journey with us allowed her the freedom to innovate and discover new ways to support children, a source of sheer joy for her. With a BE in Information Science and Montessori training, she brings a unique blend of technical expertise and nurturing care. Before her Montessori journey, Pallavi worked as an associate software engineer at IBM. Her dedication to our children is immeasurable, making her an invaluable asset in our Montessori community.

Nirupa V R - Special Educator

Nirupa V R is an empathetic and proactive special educator who works with elementary children. She also teaches English to grades 3, 4, and 5. Her qualifications include certification in specific learning difficulties from Brindavan Education Trust and an MSc in psychological counselling.

Anagha Keerti - Foreign Language Specialist

Anagha, a dedicated linguist and language trainer, joined our Montessori community in 2021 as our Spanish facilitator. She brings over a decade of teaching experience, including Spanish, French, and Latin expertise, creating engaging and inclusive learning environments. Anagha’s commitment to language education is evident through her impressive qualifications, including a recent PG diploma in TEFL/TESOL with distinction. With enthusiasm, communication skills, and diverse teaching experience, Anagha ensures our students embark on a captivating linguistic journey while fostering an appreciation for global cultures through Spanish.

Jessie Shirley Sunil - Senior Montessori Teacher

Jessie Shirley Sunil brings three decades of education experience to our Montessori community. She excels in crafting engaging curricula, driving increased student progress and engagement. Jessie, with us since 2018, has served as a senior Montessori teacher, focusing on holistic development, including reading and writing for M3 students. Her creative thinking and resourcefulness consistently spark innovative teaching ideas. Beyond teaching, Jessie holds a Diploma in Association Montessori International and has a diverse career history, including roles as a data entry specialist at SBM and a part-time computer science lecturer for postgraduate students.

Sridevi J. - Multilingual Montessori Adult

Sridevi J is an enthusiastic educator who passionately imparts the subject of math to our young learners. With three years of experience at Absorbent Mind, she serves as a Montessori adult, teaching math, Kannada, and Hindi. Sridevi believes in self-development through hard work and dedication. Her latest qualification is in the Montessori Elementary Course. In her previous career, she worked as an environmental chemist and an ISO coordinator cum environmental engineer.

Padmaja Bharath - Sanskrit Teacher

As Sanskrit was a common language spoken at home, Padmaja’s Sanskrit journey began in childhood. She has been with Absorbent Mind for two years, teaching Sanskrit to elementary students. With a degree in biochemistry from Madras University, an MBA degree, and a Kovida certification in Sanskritam, Padmaja brings a rich background to her role. Her Sanskrit journey started in 2014 with training from Sanskrit Bharathi Prashikshan Varg, Mysore. She also operates her Sanskrit medium preschool, Ekam.

Una Shibani - Science Teacher

Una Shibani, originally from Odisha, is a cheerful, optimistic, and courageous educator. She has been with Absorbent Mind since December 2018, teaching science to elementary students. Her qualifications include an MSc in biotechnology and a diploma in special education. Una specialises in helping children with specific learning difficulties succeed academically.

Mohan Shivaji Rao - Kung-Fu and Yoga Instructor

Mohan Shivaji Rao is a seasoned Kung-Fu practitioner with over 20 years of martial arts experience. He specialises in teaching 20 different weapons in Kung Fu and is one of the few Indian martial artists featured in Chinese media. Besides martial arts, he is a certified yoga practitioner. Mohan has been with Absorbent Mind for a year and a half, ensuring our students engage in physical activities through kung fu and yoga, fostering discipline, self-confidence, and mental calmness.

Shashikala B - Preprimary Teacher

Shashikala B, part of our Absorbent Mind family since 2018, is a dedicated preprimary teacher. She assists children in developing their reading and writing skills and instils discipline in them.

Rashmi N - Life Skills Teacher and Counselor

With a year and a half at Absorbent Mind, Rashmi N teaches students valuable life skills and provides counselling support. With a master’s degree in psychology and more than a decade of teaching experience, Rashmi helps students understand the importance of resilience in life.